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Prevent Infestations Before they Start
Prevent Infestations Before they Start
Prevent Infestations Before they Start
Prevent Infestations Before they Start
Prevent Infestations Before they Start

South Jersey Wild Animal Removal Service

Having a problem with rodents and other critters in your home or place of business? It’s time for you to reclaim your property! Catch A Critter, LLC, is your destination for wild animal control and wild animal removal in Deptford, Glassboro, and throughout Gloucester County. We have years of experience trapping and removing birds, bats, squirrels, moles, groundhogs, chipmunks, raccoons, possums, skunks and more. Our team will remove any critters we find on your property safely and humanely, and do everything we can to stop them from coming back. We handle residential sanitation services as needed on your property as well.

5 reasons to hire Catch A Critter for your wild animal control services:

Your search for a wildlife control company ends here. You'll appreciate that:

  1. We have over 10 years of experience
  2. Our team gets rid of pests humanely and without pesticides
  3. We can make light repairs to the parts of your home that the animals damaged
  4. Our company offers a wildlife warranty in case we don't catch an animal the first time
  5. We serve Deptford, & Glassboro, NJ and all of Gloucester County

Schedule your critter control services today. Call us at (856) 381-4525 now or click here to contact us and learn about our critter control service warranty. Let us be your choice for wildlife removal in Gloucester County!

Please note that we do not trap or remove beavers.

Wildlife Removal

We inspect your home carefully to find where rodents and critters are hiding, set traps in high activity areas, check traps every 24 hours, and release animals safely and humanely.

Mice & Rats

Call us if you see rodent droppings, odors or noises from behind the walls, or chewed wall corners. We find the source of where the rodents are hiding and remove the problem.

Commercial Services

If your business was recently infested with wildlife, consider getting commercial sanitation services. We'll provide thorough sanitation services for anywhere that has been impacted by wildlife.

Quick response to my call. Came out the same day to set traps and by the next day had caught two raccoons that were giving us trouble. Checked traps regularly and treated caught animals humanely. Would definitely use again.
Justin and Ron were amazing and took care of our squirrel problem! We had what we thought was 3 squirrels in the basement, but was a family of 5!! They came and set traps and put a one way in so they could possibly make their way back out again. After the job was done, all exterior points of entry were sealed off. They stopped back each day to check the progress. Super happy with their service and HIGHLY recommend to anyone with any type of critter problem!
A high quality, dependable, honest, and fair priced service. Justin is terrific. We highly recommend Catch a Critter.
Justin was quick to respond and caught 3 raccoons that were living under our shed. I would highly recommend.
Catch a Critter was fast and effective in capturing the raccoons that were climbing my downspouts and hanging out too close to my home. They were friendly and professional.
Hired Catch a Critter to catch and relocate two groundhogs that were living in my yard - not only did they catch both groundhogs throughout the week, but they also caught a racoon. Definitely was worth the money. Nice guys and very knowledgeable.
Justin is literally the best critter guy in South Jersey! Very knowledgeable about wildlife, communicates the whole way through, and gets the job done! Wildlife can be tricky to deal with but he always had a plan of action! Very thankful for his help!
Very professional, reliable and knowledgeable. Affordable and very courteous.Highly recommend and will definitely use again!
I can't say enough about Catch a Critter I had squirrels in my attic within 5 days they were gone! Justin and Ron were awesome guys, they set up traps and explained everything along the way, and they were patient with me. Not only were the squirrels gone I made two friends and that's a plus.
We had a great experience getting a critter problem taken care of thanks to Justin. He was very thorough and responsive throughout the process, and by the end of it we could rest easy knowing it was resolved and our home was secure again!
Super fast response time and great customer service! We had bats in our attic and Justin came out to do an inspection only a few hours after our initial phone call. He had a plan and quote sent over for approval within a few days. He kept checking in with us every step of the way and answered all of our questions. Highly recommend his service!
Very friendly, professional and reliable. Affordable and very courteous. Will definitely use again and highly recommend.
Justin and his team are trustworthy and efficient. We had a major raccoon problem, it was handled humanely and quick. Justin had great feedback on how to safeguard the home and was always responsive with communication. I would recommend them to anyone for future services. It’s not often you find great service anymore but you can count them on him and his team for that!
Catch A Critter did what they said they were going to do, when they were going to do it! And kept in communication with me through the entire process! So refreshing dealing with this company and now no more critters living in my house!! YAY!! I highly recommend Justin and his crew for all your critter needs!! 🐿️🐀🐾🐦‍⬛
Had a mouse problem, HAD until Catch a Critter came in. Very professional, kept true to their word that they's get all the little buggers and they did. We're going on a year free and Micky and Minnie are nowhere to be found.
Justin is awesome!! I unfortunately had a skunk hanging under my shed and wandering around between my yard and the neighbors that sprayed my dog 🤢 it seemed to disappear after Justin set the traps, but he was kind enough to leave them set up a little longer and thankfully we caught it!! Justin was very knowledgeable and honest about things that will and won’t work to help keep rodents out of my yard. I’m so glad I called him, if you have a critter problem this is the company you need!!!
We found ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having a squirrel eating through our trim and getting into our attic. I found critter catchers. Justin answered the phone talked me through the process, set up an appointment and arrived promptly. I will say we were a little shocked at the pricing but in the end we saw and understood the value. Either Justin or Ron came by daily except for Sundays to clear and reset the traps. We were able to relocate three squirrels and they closed off the entry point while we’re waiting for a contractor to come and do the new trim. Hopefully I will never need to call them again but they will be the first one I will call if the need arises.Thanks Guys!
Justin was very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. He explained all our options and helped us with our raccoon problem. The raccoon was safely caught and relocated. We highly recommend Catch a Critter!
Justin was extremely responsive, explained the process very well, and followed up consistently. He took care of our raccoon problem quickly and efficiently. Don't hesitate -- call Catch a Critter.
My garage was infested with squirrels. Probably 5-8 long term residents. Catch a critter formulated and executed a plan to get them gone. And they all seem to be gone a week later. Definitely recommend Catch a Critter.
I called Catch a Critter after having terminex come out and providing a $3,400 quote for a squirrl eviction from our attic. Justin was out within a day to assess the problem and offered the same service for a third of the price I was quoted by terminex. Most importantly you can immediately tell he is a honest person. He doesn't try to push things on you and clearly outlines the scope and cost.We are now happily Squirrel free, saved over $2,000, and supported a hard working family man.I couldn't be more happy that I came across Catch a Criter.Go ahead and call arround but in my opinion it's a waste of time looking elsewhere.Thanks again Justin!- The Randazzo Family
Excellent service, incredibly knowledgeable, and best of all very personable. I don't expect to experiment with another animal service after this!
Very professional and informative, took care of my Racoon problem and sealed all entry ways, definitely recommend their service.
Caught a very challenging crafty raccoon! Quickly and humanely! Also caught an opossum as a bonus! Great job and we are so happy we hired you for this job which we couldn’t have handled on our own. Highly recommend!
Justin and his team did a fantastic job ridding my attic of squirrels. They were communicative and professional from start to finish. I would use them again and recommend to my friends and family if they have the (unfortunate) need for their services.
Overall we had a great experience he was very professional and it was times we was not able to be home and he still came and did everything a job well done we will definitely recommend again!!!! Thank you so much for your services he’s a great guy and he gets the JOB done ASAP …. The day I called him he came out the same day ☺️☺️☺️ thank you so much me and my husband are happy !!!! We just brought a house and had a mice issue and he patched all the holes and put a cage on our roof and caught every single one && we haven’t had this issue anymore it only took him 3 days !!!! Thank you so much
I called Justin after another came out and didn’t get the job done. Justin came out and was professional and explain everything he was going to do. He answered all of my questions and concern. I highly recommend I give him 100 out of 100
Justin and the team at Catch a Critter did a great job with getting raccoons out of my house. He is extremely knowledgeable and patiently explained my all of my options. I would definitely call them again if needed.
Quick and great service! Called another company that couldn't make it out until several day later but Justin came out the very next day and took care of my squirrel problem. Super friendly, good price, good communication. My go to critter guy.
Extremely professional. And caught the raccoon and skunk and several other critters. Highly recommend!
Justin was very professional & helpful! He solved our bat situation & worked with our budget. I would highly recommend him!
Justin was very professional and prompt! Came out very quickly and took care of our problems!Would recommend them!
Justin was very personable and seemed knowledgeable. He was responsive and set up my service quickly and the whole experience was easy and productive. Three “critters” that had been plaguing me were caught and safely relocated. I would definitely recommend Justin’s business and will use him again if I have any future problems with unwanted animals!
I had a bat that found its way into my house through the attic in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago. After I locked it in the bathroom, I called around all morning trying to find someone (even animal control) to come out and remove it so it could be tested for rabies, but since it was a Saturday no one would come out for it. That is until I got a call back from Justin with Catch a Critter. He came out within an hour or so and caught the bat that day when no one else would. He sent it for testing which came back negative for rabies. Over the next week he humanely cleared out the rest of the bats that had been living in one of the soffits of the house, and he sealed up any other openings where they might get in, and he also inspected the attic to make sure there were none left and that no damage wss done by them. He's also currently helping me trap a groundhog out by the garage.Justin was very helpful, prompt, and personable and took care of my bat problem with no issues. I would definitely recommend him and call him for any future critter problems.
Justin provided us with great service. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to anyone with pest problems.
Justin and Ron were very professional and helpful with our Racoon problem. They responded quickly, answered all my questions and checked the traps daily. I would definitely use them again if needed and recommend them to anyone that has critter problems.
Bye bye squirrels!I heard an animal scratching it's way through my wall. I contacted catch a critter. They were out the next day to survey they situation and installed traps. Several squirrels were caught and relocated elsewhere. Their prices were solid. They were in clear communication with me all through out the process. Hopefully I won't need to but if I need pest control again, I will definitely be reaching out to Catch A Critter
Professionalism, courtesy, and reliability are what you want in any business. And this company is all you want. Very personable, knows ethics. I've dealt with alot of companies in the past and it's all about the almighty dollar. But catch a critter is different. You're paying for a service and they go above and beyond to handle your issue. I had a problem with groundhogs and squirrels. He mitigated the issue and did all he could so they wouldn't come back. Highly recommend! And they're humane with what they catch which is another key seller.
Catch a critter was reliable and great to work with. After calling around to several places we decided to go with them based on price and responsiveness. They were the fastest in getting back to us, and the positive trend continued as we worked with them.They offered good ideas to have a permanent solution to the raccoon problem in our yard. When laying the traps they were willing to try new sizes and locations.Bottom line if you have any trapping needs at all, go with catch a critter.
Great people to work with. Justin is true to his word . Friendly helpful. Keeps you posted on everything he does. Very reliable.
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