Gloucester Township Wildlife Removal Companies

If your property has a pest infestation, or if you’re seeing rodent droppings and noticing smells, Catch A Critter is here to help. We’re your established choice for Gloucester Township wildlife removal companies! Our team of experienced professionals can safely, humanely, and effectively remove unwanted pests from your property, and we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure they don’t return.

Our Gloucester Township Wildlife Removal Services

Let us take on any of your pest infestations at your Gloucester Township home or place of business, including:

Mice and Rats. When you’re hearing little footsteps behind walls, seeing small droppings, or noticing strange odors, it’s likely that rats or mice have invaded your home. Let us find where they’re entering, seal off the entrance points, and safely rid your home of the small critters.

Birds and Bats. October and November weather, especially occasional warm days, are when bats are most likely to find their way into a home. Bats can cause serious diseases if they bite, so it’s important to capture them safely. We’ll find where they are getting in, close it off, and capture any birds and bats flying around in your home.

Skunks. There’s no mistaking the odor of a skunk on your property, and skunks can carry diseases that they transmit through bites. Don’t try to capture a skunk yourself…let us use our specialized tools and equipment to remove them safely from your property.

Squirrels. Squirrels often find their way into homes through chimneys and other open spots, and can cause a great deal of damage if left unchecked. We can set traps for squirrels, rid your property of them and prevent their return.

Raccoons. Raccoons often use chimneys and crawl spaces to find their way into homes, and they can be a challenge to capture. We fully inspect your property for raccoons, capture them humanely, and release them far from your home.

Snakes. While venomous snakes aren’t very common in South Jersey, if you see a snake in your yard or home, don’t try to capture it yourself…they can be very aggressive and injure people with their bites. Let our professionals take care of the problem…we’ll find their hiding spaces, remove the snakes, and ensure that they don’t return.

We can take on all of these pest infestation problems and more, and we also offer sanitation services for your business following pest removal. Catch A Critter does not harm animals or use pesticides, and we’ve proven our methods to be effective in over ten years of serving the region.

Take your property back from rodents and pests…let Catch A Critter be your solution for Gloucester Township wildlife removal companies! Contact us here and let us know what you need…we’ll rid your property of pests and make sure they don’t come back!