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Uninvited critters like birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and snakes can cause chaos in your home or business. It’s time to kick them out. Catch a Critter, LLC stands out among Harrison Township wildlife removal companies, and we’re ready to take care of your problem..

We specialize in humane and effective removal of all types of wildlife. Our experts make sure these intruders don’t return. We also offer professional sanitation services so your space is clean and safe when we—and the critters–leave.

Get unwanted critters out of your house or business.

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In case you’re wondering…

Yes, you get a warranty

Got Wildlife? We’ll Get Rid of it!

Whether it’s squirrels partying in your attic or a single mouse keeping you awake at night, wildlife belongs outside. Especially snakes. Poisonous or not, you don’t want them slithering around your home or office. Quick and effective wildlife removal is essential.

Why choose Catch a Critter among Harrison Township wildlife removal companies?

  • Over a decade of experience in wildlife removal for homes and businesses
  • Humane methods that are safe and pesticide-free
  • Repair services to fix what the critters damaged
  • A reliable warranty for your peace of mind


Happy Homes and Offices, Free From Critters

Critters like squirrels, bats, mice, rats, raccoons, and snakes love to invade attics, basements, walls, and garages. They think your spaces are theirs. Each wildlife removal is unique, and your critter problem is a big deal to you. You want to trust who’s coming to solve it.

Our customers call us “professional,” “knowledgeable,” “true to our word,” and “responsive.” We earn these compliments by delivering dedicated service every time.

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Keep Wildlife Outside Where It Belongs

Critters like mice hiding in attics, crawlspaces, and other tight spots can cause serious issues. According to WebMD, there are some important reasons you don’t want pests in your home. Here are six more reasons to act fast:

  1. Pests create fire hazards by chewing on wires
  2. They spread diseases humans don’t want
  3. Their nests ruin insulation, and thus, your energy budget
  4. A few pests can quickly multiply into an infestation
  5. They’re noisy, annoying, and stress-inducing
  6. Cleaning up after them can be expensive if you ignore the problem


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