Monroe Township Wildlife Removal Companies

If you’re noticing unwanted pests invading your property, seeing rodent droppings or chewed walls, call Catch A Critter today. We’re your proven solution for Monroe Township wildlife removal companies! We not only rid your property of unwanted pests and potentially damaging animals, we do it in a safe and humane way, and we take steps to ensure they don’t return.

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Contact the team at Catch A Critter anytime you need to evict a variety of pests from your property, including:

Mice and Rats. If you see mice or rats scurrying around, hear noises behind walls, or see droppings, contact us. We’ll find where they are getting in, seal off entrance points, and remove the rodents from your home.

Birds and Bats. Late summer and early fall is a popular time for bats to invade homes. Bats can carry rabies, and cause serious illness if they bite. Catch A Critter can find the entrance points, close them, and catch flying animals safely.

Skunks. A smelly skunk in your yard can cause all sorts of problems. Don’t try to get rid of one yourself. Skunks carry diseases and can pass them on with bites. Our team has specific equipment that captures and removes skunks from your property and keeps them out.

Squirrels. Squirrels can get into a home in a variety of ways, including through chimneys, and can cause serious damage. Let us trap your squirrels safely, and keep them from returning.

Raccoons. Chimneys and crawl spaces are popular entrance points for raccoons. Raccoons can also bite, and you should avoid trying to capture one yourself. Catch A Critter can set traps to capture raccoons, and we release them far from your property.

Snakes. Never try to remove a snake from your yard yourself. Poisonous snakes are rare in this area, but snakes can still be very aggressive and injure you with a bite. We’ll find where they’re hiding, remove them, and keep them out.

Reach Out To Us For Your Pest Control Today.

Catch A Critter can take on these pesky animals and more, and we also offer sanitation services for your place of business following infestation cleanup. We only use safe and effective techniques for removing animals, and we do not harm them or use any pesticides.

Don’t let unwanted pests cause damage or injury. Call on Catch A Critter for the job…let us be your choice for Monroe Township wildlife removal companies! Contact us here, and tell us what you need. We’ll clear your property of pesky critters, and make sure they don’t come back.