Our Company

At Catch A Critter, our mission every day is to remove pests and rodents from homes and places of businesses, and to do it humanely and without pesticides. Our company was founded over ten years ago with the goal of providing quality service to home and property owners, using safe practices, and protect properties from future infestations.

When we come out to your home or place of business, we take the time to carefully inspect the property. It’s one thing to remove a raccoon or opossum from a property…but it’s also a good idea to seal off the entrance that animal found. It’s also important to check for any home damage, especially wood rot and other problems, and ensure that these problems are addressed for home safety.

Our pest removal services include warranty coverage, so when we do repairs on your property caused by an infestation, we’ll make sure those repairs are covered for any re-infestations and handle any fixes needed in the future. If your needed repairs aren’t covered, we’ll still offer you a reduced service call fees if you have warranty coverage.

We’ve grown through word of mouth over the years, and we have a track record of offering effective services at a fair price.

Click here to contact us today and let us know how we can help remove pests and protect your property.