Pitman Wildlife Removal Companies

If you’re noticing an infestation inside your home or in your yard, or if you’re seeing damage or hearing noises, contact Catch A Critter today. We’re the trusted answer to your search for Pitman wildlife removal companies! We rid your home and property from pesky critters, do it humanely, and ensure they don’t return.

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Reach out to Catch A Critter when you need professionals to take care of a variety of infestations, including:

Mice and Rats. Whether you’re seeing little rodents scurrying around, are hearing noises behind walls, or noticing droppings, contact us. We will find where the rodents are entering, seal the entrance points, and remove them using safe and humane traps.

Bats and Birds. Bats are especially prolific during the late summer and early fall, as they search around homes for bugs to eat before hibernating. They can carry rabies and be dangerous, so call on a professional to handle the problem. We’ll capture the bats safely, and ensure that they have no way of getting inside in the future.

Skunks. It’s bad enough to have a smelly skunk in your yard, but a skunk can also transmit diseases if they bite or attack you or your pets. We’ll remove the skunk from your property permanently, with our specialized equipment and techniques.

Squirrels. If you are noticing a large number of squirrels in your yard or even inside your home, let us know. We’ll make sure that chimneys and other potential entrance points are sealed off, and we’ll rid your property of squirrels humanely.

Raccoons. Like squirrels, raccoons can enter your home through chimneys and crawl spaces. Capturing raccoons is a challenge…let us set traps to capture them and release them far from your property.

Snakes. Even though venomous snakes are rare in South Jersey, you should not attempt to remove a snake from your property yourself. Snakes can be very aggressive, and you are risking a bite and potential injury. We’ll find their hiding places, remove the snakes and keep them out.

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Catch A Critter takes on all of these critters and more, and if you own a business, we can sanitize your property following pest removal. We use only humane methods of pest control…we don’t kill or harm animals, and we don’t use harmful pesticides.

Take on your pest problems now…let Catch A Critter be your proven choice for Pitman wildlife removal companies! Reach out to us here and let us know what you need. We’ll rid your property of pests safely…and permanently!