Deptford Wildlife Removal Companies

Is your home or place of business becoming infested with furry pests? Let Catch A Critter, LLC be the answer to your search for Deptford wildlife removal companies! We’re based right here in the area, and we provide wild animal control and removal for property owners throughout the Gloucester County and South Jersey region.

Our staff has years of experience in trapping and removing wildlife from grounds, including birds, bats, squirrels, groundhogs, chipmunks, raccoons, skunks, rodents and more. Catch A Critter has grown through word of mouth in our ten years in the business, and we’re dedicated to a first class job on every service call.

Why Us For Deptford Wildlife Removal?

At Catch A Critter, we’ve been in the animal control business for over ten years, and we’ve learned what works and how to rid properties of pests humanely, safely, and without pesticides. We set traps in high activity areas, check the traps each day, and release any animals we capture humanely in their natural habitat far from your property. We also check your home for damage such as wood rot and other problems, and ensure that these are addressed for the safety of your home.

If your home or business needs light repairs from wildlife damage, we can handle that too, and we offer a lifetime warranty in case we don’t catch a pest the first time. We ensure that your property is covered for re-infestations, and we’ll handle any fixes you need in the future, including a discounted price for non-covered repair services.

If you’re hearing wildlife noises, seeing damage to your home or yard, or if you are seeing rodent droppings or odors or hearing noises behind walls, reach out to us. We’ll find where rodents are hiding and remove them. Has your business been infested? Ask us about our commercial sanitation services for areas that have been affected by infestation.

Reach out to us today and find out more about what makes us your easy choice for Deptford wildlife removal companies. Call us at (856) 381-4525 now, or contact us online here and ask us about our guaranteed pest control and wildlife removal services. We remove animal life from your property safely, and we keep the pests from coming back!

Please note that Catch A Critter does not trap or remove beavers.