Collingswood Wildlife Removal Companies

Are you noticing chewed walls in your home? Are you seeing groundhogs or skunks in your yard? Has a snake made your property home? Catch A Critter can take care of the problem for you…we’re the answer to your search for Collingswood wildlife removal companies! We eliminate a wide variety of pests from properties, including mice, rats, bats, birds, skunks, raccoons, groundhogs, snakes and more, and we ensure that they don’t return.

Your Established Choice For Collingswood Wildlife Removal Companies

Catch A Critter has been taking care of pest problems in South Jersey now for more than ten years, and trust us, we’ve seen everything! We can handle any pest problem on your property, and we remove animals humanely. We do not kill the animals, nor do we use harmful pesticides. Our professionals inspect your property, find the entry points and seal them, set traps for invading critters, and release them to their natural habitat far from your property. If needed, we can make light repairs to your home too.

We’re your solution whenever you see rodent droppings in your home, hear footsteps in your attic or behind walls, or are seeing unwelcome animals in your yard. If your infestation is much worse than most, we can help you with sanitation services once we’ve removed the animals. In addition, we include warranty coverage, so you have additional protection in the future.

Our team is a proud part of the South Jersey community…we’re grateful for the nice things our customers say about us and our continued growth from word of mouth. We invite you to view some customer reviews here, and see how our service can work for you.

Take Back Your Collingswood Property From Pests Today.

Don’t wait to solve your infestation and risk making it worse. Reach out to the professionals at Catch A Critter and let us handle the problem. Call us at (856) 381-4525, or request our services online. We’re happy to take care of your pest troubles in Collingswood…we’ll kick your critters out and keep them out!