Our Warranty

Most of the work we do at Catch a Critter, LLC comes with a warranty. We get many calls and questions about it on a day-to-day basis. What's covered? What's not? Is the warranty a worthy investment? Don't worry. We've taken some of the most commonly asked warranty questions and made a definitive list with answers. Browse this FAQ list to learn more.

Why do I need an Animal Damage Protection Warranty?

Your home or business in Deptford, NJ is oftentimes your biggest investment. While a home warranty cannot prevent wildlife from trying to gain access to your home, it can provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your property is safeguarded against animal invasions at the areas that Catch a Critter has repaired.

How does an Animal Damage Protection Warranty work?

When a covered repair is breached, request our service immediately by calling 856-381-4525 to speak with a customer service representative. After your service request is received, one of our team members will contact you to schedule a time to diagnose your problem. Once we have gathered the necessary information on where the point of entry occurred, we will explain the next steps to re-secure your property.

Is everything in my home covered by the Animal Damage Protection Warranty?

Please note that not everything is covered by our warranty…just the repairs we have previously performed, without non-warranty contingency. While not everything is covered, we do offer reduced service call fees for many of the frequently encountered and troublesome critters, including those that don't gain access to your home (stinging insects, moles, birds, etc.).

How many times can I use my Animal Damage Protection Warranty?

Your Animal Damage Protection Warranty is unlimited during your contract term for covered repairs (service call fees apply for non-covered incidents).

What if I have a problem that is not covered?

If the problem is not a covered warranty item, the specialist that provides the inspection will advise you as to what our recommendations are to resolve the conflict. This can include reduced service call fees for any additional animal removal/control, or additional repairs of new entry points. For covered repairs, there will be no fees for animals removed (if they gain access through our repair) or additional repairs to the entry site on which we previously provided exclusion.