Somerdale Wildlife Removal Companies

If you’re dealing with wildlife problems at your place, it’s time to reclaim your territory! As a leader among Somerdale Wildlife Removal Companies, Catch a Critter provides top-tier animal control services in Camden and Gloucester counties.

Our experts are adept at catching and humanely removing various critters, ensuring they won’t bother you again. Plus, our professional sanitation services will leave your space safe and spotless.

Got an unwanted wildlife guest? Get peace of mind instead. Call Catch a Critter now!


One Squirrel or Mouse is One Too Many

Discovering wildlife invaders like birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and snakes in your residential or commercial space is upsetting, to say the least.

Whether it’s one squirrel causing a stir or a single mouse sending shivers down your spine, any uninvited critter is one too many. And snakes? No one wants a surprise slithering guest, even if it’s not poisonous. You need a fast, effective wildlife removal service to clear your space.

Here’s why Catch a Critter is your go-to choice among Somerdale wildlife removal companies:

  • A decade of expertise in safely clearing wildlife from homes and commercial properties
  • We remove critters humanely and securely, without pesticides
  • You can contract repair services with us, too
  • Our warranty ensures your wildlife worries are over


Our customers love us because we clean house!

We’ve been in this business for over a decade now, and we’ve seen it all. We also believe every service call is different. Why? Because no matter how many hundreds of wildlife removals we do, YOUR critter crisis is the one that matters to you.

Our customers call us “professional,” “knowledgeable,” “true to our word,” and “responsive.” Repeatedly earning the same compliments means every customer gets the same dedicated service.

Get rid of your uninvited critters ASAP!

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Stop Pests in Their Tracks.

No one likes the thought of mice or other pests lurking unseen in attics, crawlspaces, and other hard-to-access spaces. So, here are six reasons, beyond the obvious, to get Catch a Critter on site ASAP:

  1. Pests gnaw on wires, which can start fires.
  2. They carry diseases that can put everyone at risk.
  3. Their nesting habits ruin your insulation (which destroys your heating and cooling budget).
  4. A few can quickly become an infestation.
  5. The noise is disruptive and unsettling.
  6. The smells and marks they leave behind are expensive to remove.

If you’re looking for more reasons, here’s what WebMD says you should know about mice in your house.


Catch A Critter Is Your Solution For Somerdale Wildlife Removal Companies!

Reach out to us whenever you have a wildlife problem in your home or yard. Contact us here to set up an appointment, or call us at 856-381-4525. We’re your proven solution for Somerdale wildlife removal companies – we’ll get those pests out and keep them out!


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