National Park Wildlife Removal Companies

Do you have a problem with furry or winged pests invading your home or place of business? Let the team at Catch A Critter, LLC be your solution…we’re your proven choice in National Park wildlife removal companies. We can take on infestations of birds, rats, mice, squirrels, groundhogs and other pests on your property. Our professionals will remove critters from your property in a safe and humane way, and we will take needed steps to ensure they don’t return.

5 Reasons To Trust Us For Your National Park Wildlife Removal Services

There are a variety of reasons you can count on Catch A Critter for your wildlife removal:

– We have been in the business of wildlife removal for over ten years, and we know how to handle any kind of pest invasion…we’ve seen a lot!

– We capture and remove animals from your property safely, without using harmful pesticides or inhumane traps, and we return animals to their natural habitat away from your home.

– If there is any damage to your home caused by wildlife, we can make light repairs as needed.

– We offer a specialized warranty service that protects your property in areas that we have sealed off or repaired.

– We offer services for home and business owners throughout Gloucester County, and we’ve built a track record of satisfied customers over the years.

When you reach out to us for your wildlife removal, we will come out and thoroughly inspect your property to see where animals are hiding. Once we find them, we’ll set traps in high traffic areas, check the traps each day, and safely release animals that we capture. We specialize in dealing with rats and mice, so contact us whenever you see chewed wall corners or rodent droppings, or are hearing sounds behind your walls.

Catch A Critter also offers sanitation services following wildlife removal, to help protect your family members, customers, or employees from harmful bacteria and other dangers.

It’s time you took back your property from pesky invasions. Call Catch A Critter today at (856) 381-4525, or click here to tell us what you need. We’re the answer to your search for National Park wildlife removal companies – reach out to us today!

Note: We do not trap or remove beavers.