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Encountering wildlife like birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and snakes in your home or business can be distressing. It’s time to reclaim your space! As a leading service among Clayton wildlife removal companies, Catch a Critter delivers superior animal control services in Camden and Gloucester Counties. Our experts safely capture and humanely remove various critters and clean up after them.

We employ a whole-company approach to protecting your property, people, and peace of mind—and we stand by it!

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One Uninvited Wildlife Guest is One Too Many

Whether it’s a single squirrel causing chaos or a mouse giving you nightmares, don’t ignore those furry intruders. And snakes? No one welcomes a slithering surprise, even if it’s not poisonous. Catch a Critter stands out among Clayton wildlife removal companies for quick, effective service:

  • Our comprehensive warranty
  • We don’t use pesticides
  • Our removal practices are humane
  • We can repair or seal entry points to prevent future invasions
  • You get ten years plus of experience in safely removing wildlife working for you


Why Your Friends and Family Trust Us:

Every service call is a custom job because the location and critter affect the process. You should want a wildlife control company that recognizes the safest, most cost-effective way to resolve your wildlife crisis.

You want Catch a Critter, especially because our clients describe us as “professional,” “knowledgeable,” “reliable,” and “responsive.”

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Whatever Is Happening Will Likely Get Worse.

Unseen animals in attics or crawlspaces do way more damage than you think, especially over time when their friends and family join the party because:

  • Chewing through wires creates fire hazards
  • Droppings spread germs that can make you sick
  • Nesting destroys insulation and raises your energy costs
  • Cleaning up months or years of droppings is gross and expensive
  • Noise disrupts work, sleep, and everything else you want to do without wildlife

Need more convincing that it’s time to face your fears and get rid of the rodents? Read what WebMD says you should know about mice in your house.


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