Runnemede Wildlife Removal Companies

If you are seeing an infestation of unwanted pests on your property, are hearing noises behind walls, or are noticing rodent droppings, it’s time to call on Catch A Critter…we’re your easy choice for Runnemede wildlife removal companies! We will safely, humanely, and effectively remove pesky animals from your property…and we’ll seal off entrance points to ensure that they don’t return.

Our Runnemede Wildlife Removal Services

Reach out to the pros at Catch A Critter when you’re having problems on your Runnemede property with:

Mice and Rats. If you’re seeing droppings, hearing noises, or noticing strong odors, you likely have a rat or mouse infestation. We’ll find the source of infestations, seal them off, set traps and remove the rodents from your home completely.

Bats and Birds. Bats can be prevalent in the early fall months, and can carry rabies and be dangerous if they bite. We’ll find where bats and birds are entering, close it off, and capture them safely.

Skunks. No one wants a smelly skunk in their yard. Don’t attempt to remove skunks yourself…skunks carry a variety of diseases they can transmit through bites. We have specialized tools and equipment to remove the skunk for you safely and permanently.

Squirrels. If squirrels have invaded your home through your chimney or other spots, they can cause significant damage. We can safely trap the squirrels and prevent them from returning.

Raccoons. Raccoons can invade your home through chimneys and crawl spaces, and capturing them can be challenging. We will thoroughly inspect your property, set traps to capture the raccoons, and release them far from your property.

Snakes. You shouldn’t try to remove a snake from your yard or home yourself. Even if the snake isn’t venomous, they are very aggressive and can injure people with their bites. We can find their hiding places, remove them and ensure they don’t return.

We take on all of these pesky wildlife problems and more, including sanitation services for places of business. Our services are safe, humane and effective…we’ve built a strong reputation for dependable service in our ten-plus years in the business.

Don’t let rodents invade your property…let Catch A Critter be the answer to your search for Runnemede wildlife removal companies! Contact us today and let us know what you need…we’re ready to clear your home of critters and ensure they don’t return!