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Wildlife like birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and snakes belong in nature, not your home or office. When unwanted rodents and reptiles invade your residential or commercial spaces, call Catch a Critter, your experts for Franklinville wildlife removal companies.

We’ll rescue you and your property by humanely trapping and removing the (sometimes) dangerous unwanted wildlife. Then we’ll clean up afterwards.

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Critters Fear Us—People Who Fear Critters Love Us

We individually treat every problem, whether it’s a raccoon in your attic or a rat in your basement. Our customers repeatedly say we’re professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and attentive. Thanks to their feedback, you can trust that we’ll also take great care of you.

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How many is too many bats in your attic? ONE!

Unless you’re starting a wildlife preserve or opening an exotic pet store, any wildlife in your home or office poses a threat, even if it’s not poisonous.

Catch a Critter is your best choice for swift, effective wildlife removal in Franklinville when you want:

  • A dependable warranty for peace of mind
  • Humane critter removal without pesticides
  • Optional construction services to block re-entry
  • 10+ years of residential and commercial property wildlife control

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Stop Pests Before They Cause Trouble

Here are six reasons you should hire Catch a Critter to deal with pests in your attic or crawlspace fast:

  • Chewed wires are fire hazards
  • Infestations start with one invader
  • Animal diseases can make humans sick
  • Insulation makes a great rodent nest and higher utility bills
  • Scurrying animal sounds will keep you awake at night for lots of reasons
  • The longer the droppings sit in your space, the worse it smells and the more it costs to clean it up

Are you still thinking one rodent in your crawl space isn’t a big deal? Check out what WebMD says about the risks of having mice in your house.


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