Bats & Birds

Birds and BatsHaving a bird or bat in your home can be an aggravating and concerning situation. They move quickly and can be difficult to catch, but more importantly, a bat especially can carry rabies and be dangerous if it bites. If you are bitten by a bat, you should seek to get a rabies shot immediately. If you wake up to find a bat in your room, assume that it has bitten you…you might not feel a bat bite.

In the late fall, especially when we experience the “Indian Summer” of warm days in late October or early November, bats can be the most prevalent. They will look for light spots where bugs congregate to eat as much as they can as they prepare to hibernate. Leaving a door open in the late fall can attract bats into your home.

If you discover a bat or bird in your home, call the pros at Catch A Critter; we’ll safely capture and remove the animal and check to see where the entry points in your home are, and seal them effectively. Reach out to us today your bat and bird removal.