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Wildlife Library


Catch a Critter specializes in raccoon removal in your home. In order to remove and control a raccoon on your property, our wildlife specialist will perform a thorough inspection to the for a raccoon infestation. We will find a solution to trapping and removing raccoons from your home.


Skunks are nocturnal pests that can carry many threatening diseases such as rabies, tularemia, leptospirosis, and canine distemper. These diseases are transmitted through bites and not through a skunk's spray. A skunk's sulfuric spray, which is known for its intense odor, is a defense mechanism and only used when a skunk feels cornered or threatened. If you or your pet come in contact with skunk spray, it can cause nausea or vomiting. Catch a Critter has trained professionals that are equipped with the safest and most humane skunk removal tools and techniques in the industry.


Catch a Critter specializes in rodent removal and control. Rodent removal begins with a thorough inspection to determine how severe the problem is. After inspecting, our wildlife specialist will build a custom solution to trap, remove, and seal all entry points.


A squirrel in your home should not be ignored. While cute, these critters can create significant damage inside and outside your home. They will use available materials like insulation to create nests, bring in nuts and seeds, and harbor ectoparasites like fleas or diseases like leptospirosis.


Opossums under your house, deck, or in your crawl space? Those scents and sounds may well be an opossum. They are often considered nuisance animals. Catch a Critter will trap and remove opossums from your home.