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Tired of Critter Noises in Your Home in Deptford, & Glassboro, NJ?

Call on us for professional pest inspections

Does constant scratching behind your walls have you guessing what might be lurking there? Instead of trying to lure your pests out with store-bought solutions, depend on Catch a Critter, LLC to find animals hiding in your home in Deptford, & Glassboro, NJ.

Our wildlife removal specialists conduct thorough pest inspections. If they find anything, they suggest services, but you're welcome to deal with the problem yourself once we find the pests causing the problems.

Contact (856) 381-4525 to set up a free inspection today.

Trust an experienced wildlife specialist to sniff out pests

Our wildlife removal specialists know pests and know all the signs to look for when going through your house. During our pest inspection, you can count on members from our team to:

  • Search common areas critters lurk in
  • Search through attics and crawlspaces
  • Give you options to handle any critters we find
Get to the bottom of your pest problems. Call now to set up a no-obligation inspection in Deptford, & Glassboro, NJ.